About Us


Real estate investing had been core strength of Wexford Capital LP (“WCLP”), a private equity and hedge fund manager which Joseph Jacobs and Charles Davidson founded in 1994. When WCLP’s private equity funds were fully invested and there was no longer a long-term source of fund capital available for real estate investments, Wexford Real Estate Investors (“WREI”) was created by the founders of Wexford to source and manage private market real estate investment opportunities to be funded primarily with their own capital. In 2020, WREI decided to offer outside investors the opportunity to invest in new real estate investment alongside the principals of WREI as it continues to grow its real estate portfolio.

& History

WREI is led by Joe Jacobs and Phil Braunstein, who have worked closely together since 2007 and have built a best in-class dedicated real estate investment team starting in 2011 after successfully exiting the majority of WCLP’s real estate holdings prior to 2008. Joe divides his time between WCLP and WREI, and Phil is fully committed to WREI’s investment and management responsibilities.

Joe brings a multi-decade track record in real estate to the WREI team, having overseen over $1.4 billion of invested equity in 95+ transactions across the US and Canada since 1994. Prior to co-founding WCLP, Joe was a Senior Managing Director at Bear Stearns, where he worked for 12 years (1982-1994), was active in bankruptcies and restructuring, and was responsible for all of the firm’s real estate investment activities, including debt and equity financing of all real estate transactions across both public and private markets.

Current Portfolio & Focus

WREI and WCLP each manage a real estate portfolio that, collectively, is in excess of $2.5 billion of market value and is comprised of 48 investments in 10 markets located throughout the U.S. and Canada. WREI’s primary business is to invest in private market, control equity positions, both independently and alongside strategic operating partners. We focus on high barrier to entry opportunities in high growth markets with favorable business environments that are largely concentrated in the southeast and southwest U.S. Today, our portfolio includes multifamily, senior living, infill commercial, hospitality, residential condominiums, and strategic land, including fee interests subject to ground leases.